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Emozione barocca: Il Guercino a Cento

Emozione barocca: Il Guercino a Cento

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Emozione barocca: Il Guercino a Cento
(Baroque Emotion: Guercino in Cento)

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Exhibition Catalog

Ed. by Daniele Benati. Pinacoteca San Lorenzo e Rocca, Cento, 2019. Published by Silvana Editoriale, Cinisello Balsamo.

224 pp. Well illustrated (chiefly col.). 28 x 25 cm. In Italian. Paperbound.

ISBN 9788836645374

The exhibition, curated by Daniele Benati, offers the opportunity to admire the work of Giovanni Francesco Barbieri known as Guercino (Cento, 1575 - Bologna, 1666) in his hometown, and therefore to understand the deeper reasons of the poetry of artist, intimately linked to Cento and deeply loved by him. A bond well understood by ancient travelers and in particular by Johann Wolfgang Goethe, who in 1786 wanted to visit Cento to pay homage to Guercino and his city, where “his is the name of a saint who runs on the lips of adults as well as children ". There are two exhibition venues, all in the heart of Cento and a short distance from each other. In the church of San Lorenzo there are 27 paintings: next to some paintings belonging to the Pinacoteca Civica, currently unusable due to the 2012 earthquake, there are others from public and private collections, which allow you to retrace the painter's activity from the beginning centesis to the short Roman stay (1621-1623), to the late Bolognese activity (1642-1666). Along with the youthful masterpieces made for his city, you can admire other paintings from Milan, Brisighella, Reggio Emilia, Bologna, Rome. The paintings that Guercino painted in 1645 to decorate his family chapel in the centennial church of the Rosary, which has been closed to the public for seven years, will also be on display. In San Lorenzo there are also 20 drawings: the important nucleus of drawings owned by the Municipality of Cento, rarely visible, in addition to others from private collections. In the Rocca , on the other hand, 33 frescoes are exhibited, detached in the past from some centesi dwellings, in which the young Guercino renews the genre of the landscape, restoring the places of the countryside that were familiar to him in terms of affectionate sentimental participation. Next to the frescoes already in Casa Pannini, you can see for the first time those from Casa Benotti, recently acquired by the Municipality of Cento. The visit to the two exhibition venues does not exhaust the opportunities to admire the works of Guercino. It is possible to follow a centesian itinerary to discover the places and landscapes of Guercini and above all visit the churches that for four centuries have preserved the works of the Maestro and his students.

Subject Headings: Eastern and Western European Art ; Western Art -- Italy -- 1600-1800 -- Drawings and Watercolors ; Painting --

Artist(s): Guercino

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