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Raimondo Sirotti 1934|2017

Raimondo Sirotti 1934|2017

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Raimondo Sirotti 1934|2017

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Exhibition Catalog

In Italian.

This volume is published on the occasion of an articulated exhibition project that Genoa wanted to dedicate, three years after his death, to the rich and complex artistic activity of Raimondo Sirotti. This program, which will unfold in various exhibition centers in the city over a long period of time, focuses in particular, in this catalog, on its two exhibitions: Sirotti and the Masters, the first to open at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Villa Croce, and Raimondo Sirotti (1934-2017). The retrospective that, one year later, will open at the Doge's Palace. The first, curated by Anna Orlando, analyzes the different expressive declinations of Sirotti's work and, above all, his inclination to deal with some significant artistic testimonies of the Ligurian tradition, from the chromatic and compositional sumptuousness of the Genoese Baroque to the most innovative results of the season pointillist. The second, curated by Matteo Fochessati and set as an anthological framework of his long and intense pictorial production, analyzes the different stages through a thematic scan corresponding to the main subjects and themes of his aesthetic research. The publication which, to provide a broader analysis of Sirotti's various artistic experiences, is also enriched by the essays by Marco Goldin, Grazia Di Natale Galinta and Giulio Sommariva and by an extensive bio-bibliographic documentation, is finally proposed as a first fundamental contribution for the next realization of the general catalog of his work

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