Girault de Prangey

Girault de Prangey

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Girault de Prangey

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Exhibition Catalog

Musee d'Orsay, Paris, 2020. Published by Editions Hazan, Paris.

256 pp. 29 x 24 cm. In French. Hardcover.

ISBN 9782754112000

Girault de Prangey is regarded as one of the leading figures of early French photography. A painter and illustrator, archaeologist and architectural historian as well as a gentleman scientist studying rare plants and birds, he was also a pioneer of the daguerreotype. The artist mastered daguerreotype technique perfectly in 1841 and produced a body of work of a quality and breadth unrivaled except perhaps by the more recently discovered work of the Englishman John Ruskin. With no fewer than 1000 plates to date, a number which may yet rise as the extent of his work is still something of a mystery, this body of work was created for the most part between 1842 and 1844 during a classic journey around the Mediterranean from Italy to Egypt by way of Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jerusalem and Palestine. The exhibition is the first monographic presentation in France of Girault de Prangey’s photographic work. Through some 120 daguerreotypes, paintings, watercolors, lithographs, illustrated books and photographic prints, the exhibition takes a new approach situating this corpus within the photographic work from the 1830s to the 1880s and against the background of the boom in illustrated scientific publications and the growth of intellectual societies on archaeology and horticulture, providing new insights into the artist's art practice.

Subject Headings: Eastern and Western European Art ; Western Art -- France -- 1800-1900 -- Photography --

Artist(s): Girault de Prangey, Joseph-Philibert

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