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The Artist Speaks: Lee Wen

The Artist Speaks: Lee Wen

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The Artist Speaks: Lee Wen

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Exhibition Catalog

National Gallery Singapore, 2020. The Artist Speaks.

123 pp. Well illustrated (all col.). 22 x 15 cm. In English. Paperbound.

ISBN 9789811425325

One of Singapore's most prominent performance artists, Lee Wen produced a body of provocative, thought-provoking, and sharply satirical works over three decades. Despite Singapore's decade-long proscription of funding for performance art, Lee Wen was indefatigable, pioneering the art form with searing expressive intensity. He confronted identity politics and issues of race, society and culture through a wide-ranging series of expansive, experimental performances. Presented in this title are writings, lyrics and drawings from Lee's extensive archives, offering personal insight to the rich associations, metaphors and tongue-in-cheek humour found in Lee's imaginative world. The Artist Speaks series presents an intimate look at artists through their words and workings, tracing the ideas, influences and experiences - as told by artists themselves - that underlie their aesthetics.

Subject Headings: Asian Art (Western Style) ; Non-Western in a Western Style ; Western Art -- Singapore -- Post-1945 ; Post-1970 ; Post-1990 -- Performance --

Artist(s): Lee Wen

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