Ecole de Pont-Aven: Variations sur la ligne

Ecole de Pont-Aven: Variations sur la ligne

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Ecole de Pont-Aven: Variations sur la ligne
(The School of Pont-Aven : Variations on the Line)

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Musee de Pont-Aven, 2021. Published by Silvana Editoriale, Cinisello Balsamo.

112 pp. 26 x 18 cm. In French. Paperbound.

ISBN 9788836647248

This book, which presents more than 100 drawings and prints by painters such as Paul Gauguin, Émile Bernard and Paul Sérusier, highlights what makes the institution-specific and shows his works in the light of those of the museum. d'Orsay, Breton museums and friendly private collectors. Above all, it reveals the part of the intimate, the instinctive in these artists, as well as the preparatory dimension of the creative process towards a simplification of forms. Didn't Gauguin claim that his drawings were “his letters, his secrets”? If the artists of the School of Pont-Aven are considered – rightly – as the champions of color, it cannot be denied that drawing held a major place, especially for Gauguin who followed the injunction of his master Pissarro: “You have to draw and draw a lot…”.

Subject Headings: Eastern and Western European Art ; Western Art -- France -- 1800-1900 -- Drawings and Watercolors ; Graphic Arts (Prints) --

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