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Between Doors

Between Doors

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Between Doors

W032201 | $45.00 / 10% library disc.

Daylight Books, Hillsborough, 2021.

116 pp. well illustrated (all col.). 31 x 26 cm. In English. Hardcover.

ISBN 9781942084952

The series started as a result of my decision to satisfy my curiosity about North Korea. Always seeing newsfeed of ICBMs being launched and soldiers crying and cheering at the sight of their leader made me interested in finding out more about this country and its people. To lift the curtain, so to speak. The series Work Will Set You Free is the result of this journey. Once you landed in the airport, everything seemed fresh and interesting, almost surreal. Then after a few days the surreal becomes normal and believable. Unlike the years before where the store are fake, people do have a decent (but tough) life there. We have it much easier in the developed world. In the DPRK, you work you get paid in cash and food stamps and life isn't half bad. You can even be happy living in this peculiar place. But if you look deeper, you realise that it is a bit sinister and they are only happy under this bubble that is constructed by the government. They have food and shelter, but there is no mobility. You can dream if you dare to, and you can try as you might, but no matter what you do, there is no freedom in the sense we understand it. Hence the title Work Will Set You Free, which translates to Arbeit macht frei in German.

Subject Headings: Asian Art (Western Style) ; Non-Western in a Western Style ; Western Art -- Hong Kong -- Post-1945 ; Post-1970 ; Post-1990 ; Post-2000 -- Photography --

Artist(s): Ted Lau

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