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Paris Park Photographs

Paris Park Photographs

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Paris Park Photographs

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George F. Thompson Publishing, Staunton, 2022.

120 pp. Well illustrated (all b&w). 24 x 21 cm. LC 2021-935117 In English. Hardcover.

ISBN 9781938086885

Paris Park Photographs features spectacular images from a dozen public parks and gardens in and near France’s capital city. Exploring many of the same places that photographer Eugène Atget (1857–1927) made famous a century ago, Michael Kolster references the pleasures and pitfalls of wandering alone amongst trees and plants and sculpture, unkempt and formally designed places, tempered by the knowledge that the modern world with all its congestion is only a few short steps away. These intimate yet inherently expansive views of Paris’s parks invite closer scrutiny of the encounters awaiting us at the edges of the well-worn paths defining our daily lives. Few people venture into the frame of Kolster’s photographs, but the promise of a renewed sense of hope and community resides in the details of his visual encounters and the moments of his heightened attention. Each picture speaks to us as a moment in time, even as the sequence suggests a choreography of place, one that can vary daily along with the changing moods and light of each park. Paris Park Photographs is presented in a bilingual English/French edition and concludes with an afterword by Michelle Kuo. Of note is how the book’s design is inspired by Walker Evans’s 1938 classic work, American Photographs, making Kolster’s book of immediate interest to photo and book collectors.

Subject Headings: Western Art -- United States -- Post-1945 ; Post-1970 ; Post-1990 ; Post-2000 -- Photography --

Artist(s): Kolster, Michael

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