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Grand Tour XXL: Der Reisekunstler Emel‘jan Korneev

Grand Tour XXL: Der Reisekunstler Emel‘jan Korneev

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Grand Tour XXL: Der Reisekunstler Emel‘jan Korneev
(Grand Tour XXL: The Travelling Artist Emel'jan Korneev)

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Ed. by Nico Kirchberger. Munchner Stadtmuseum, Munich, 2021.

224 pp. 130 col. ills. 29 x 25 cm. In German. Hardcover.

ISBN 9783422986671

Conventionally, a Grand Tour leads from somewhere north of the Alps to the historical sights of Italy. In the case of Emel'jan Michailovich Korneev (1780–after 1839), the journey began in St. Petersburg, took him through Siberia to the border with Mongolia and eventually to Crimea, from where he traveled onward to Greece and Asia Minor. His trip concluded with the classic tour through Italy. Years later, he even circumnavigated the globe as an expedition illustrator on board of a Russian ship. The premiere presentation of the drawings from Emel’jan Korneev’s journey through Italy at Munich’s Stadtmuseum is an apt occasion to familiarize a broader public outside Russia with the output of this fascinating artistic figure for the first time.

Subject Headings: Eastern and Western European Art ; Russian and Soviet Art ; Western Art -- Russia (USSR, CIS) -- 1800-1900 -- Drawings and Watercolors --

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