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Group Dynamics: Collectives of the Modernist Period

Group Dynamics: Collectives of the Modernist Period

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Group Dynamics: Collectives of the Modernist Period

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Ed. by Karin Althaus et al. Stadtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau Munchen, Munich, 2021, 2022. Published by Hatje Cantz Verlag, Berlin.

448 pp. Well illustrated (chiefly col.). 27 x 20 cm. In English. Paperbound.

ISBN 9783775750400

Buenos Aires, Casablanca, Beijing, Khartoum, Lahore, Tokyo: over the course of the 20th century, artists formed collectives all over the world. But if the impulse to create such groups was universal, the concerns of their members, their aesthetic methods, political goals and utopian aspirations varied greatly. This massive volume illuminates the emergence and development of collectives against the background of their respective social and cultural contemporaneity from 1900 to 1980.Collectives featured: No Name Group (Beijing, 1970s), New Measurement Group (Beijing, 1989), the Grupo dos Cinco (Sao Paulo, 1920s), Los Artistas del Pueblo vs. Martínfierristas and Xul Solar‘s “Neo-Criollo” (Buenos Aires, 1920s), Kollektiv a.r. (Lodz), Bombay Progressive Artists Group, Lahore Art Circle, the Nsukka School, Uche Ukeke, Kokuga-kai, Nihonga, Kokyou-kai, Mochizucki Katsura, Action, MAVO, Sanka, the Casablanca School and the Khartoum School. See Worldwide W029010 for the related catalogue, Group Dynamics: The Blue Rider.

Subject Headings: Eastern and Western European Art ; Western Art -- 1900-1945 ; Post-1945 -- Drawings and Watercolors ; Painting --

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