Burtynsky: Eaux troublees

Burtynsky: Eaux troublees

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Burtynsky: Eaux troublees
(Burtynsky: Troubled Waters)

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Exhibition Catalog

Pavillon Populaire de Montpellier, 2021. Published in association with Editions Hazan, Vanves.

144 pp. Well illustrated (chiefly col.) and 50 col. ref. ills. 24 x 31 cm. In French. Paperbound.

ISBN 9782754112208

Official catalog of the exhibition Edward Burtynsky - Eaux troublees at the Popular Pavilion - space of photography in Montpellier. From the Gulf of Mexico to the banks of the Ganges and by means of aerial images, a striking picture of water and the systems imagined by man to control it, as a question posed to present and future humanity on its compared to this vital resource which is dangerously shrinking. Over the past five years, Canadian artist Edward Burtynsky has traveled the world, from the Gulf of Mexico to the banks of the Ganges, to construct an ambitious representation of the ever more fragmented water cycle. Through his immense aerial and colorful images, many of which border on abstraction, he traces the different roles that water plays in our modern way of life: the foundation of healthy ecosystems and sources of energy, a key element of cultural and religious rituals, and above all an essential resource which will very soon be exhausted.

Subject Headings: Western Art -- Canada -- Post-1945 ; Post-1970 ; Post-1990 ; Post-2000 -- Photography --

Artist(s): Burtynsky, Edward

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