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Luca Vitone: Io, Villa Adriana

Luca Vitone: Io, Villa Adriana

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Luca Vitone: Io, Villa Adriana
(Luca Vitone: Me, Villa Adriana)

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Exhibition Catalog

MAXXI, Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, Rome, 2021. Published by Quodlibet, Macerata. MAXXI Arte Collection Focus Series, 7.

100 pp. well illustrated (all col.). 24 x 17 cm. Bilingual in English and Italian. Paperbound.

ISBN 9788822907066

"Io, Villa Adriana" was born from the reflection on the relationship between himself and the landscape carried out by Luca Vitone over the years. This volume explores the link that the artist has created between the external envelope that contains us, the place, and his own interiority. From this point of view, in fact, Vitone's art seems to start from an individual experience, linked to his personal history, which ends up declining into works, images and thoughts aimed at involving the user in an active and dynamic way. With the gait of an explorer, Vitone crosses the places and, thanks to his works, he tells them by expanding their imagery both in a physical and geographical sense, and in the symbolic and historical-social one, thus unifying the exploratory practice to the more analytical and ironic. The exhibition project, to which this volume is linked, was designed specifically by the artist for the focus dedicated to him: on display at Villa Adriana some works related to the theme of the landscape while at MAXXI a series of large-format canvases painted with dust from the residence of the emperor Hadrian in Tivoli. .

Subject Headings: Eastern and Western European Art ; Western Art -- Italy -- Post-1945 ; Post-1970 ; Post-1990 ; Post-2000 -- Painting --

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