This Must Be the Place: An Oral History of Latin American Artists in New York, 1965–1975

This Must Be the Place: An Oral History of Latin American Artists in New York, 1965–1975

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This Must Be the Place: An Oral History of Latin American Artists in New York, 1965–1975

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Aime Iglesias Lukin. Americas Society, New York, 2021. Published, 2022. Published in association with Institute for Studies on Latin American Art (ISLAA), New York.

248 pp. Well illustrated (half in col. ). 23 x 17 cm. In English. Paperbound.

ISBN 9781879128507

For the related exhibition catalogue "pocket book" titled, This Must Be the Place: Latin American Artists in New York, 1965-75, see Worldwide W038649. Publisher's description: An oral history of the Latin American artists who moved to New York in the late 1960s and pioneered a new conceptualism informed by migrant experience In the late 1960s and early 1970s, during a time of global cultural and social upheaval, a key group of Latin American artists migrated to New York. Part of the generational shift toward Happenings, Minimalism and Conceptualism, they worked in conversation with experimental practices while exploring topics of migration, identity, politics, exile and nostalgia. Drawing from both American culture and the cultures of their countries of origin, their works reflect the unique perspectives—both as insiders and outsiders—that these artists had as newcomers. Conceived as a visual reader with newly sourced and existing testimonies, This Must Be the Place is the first book of its kind to highlight this generation of artists in interviews and primary source material. Organized by themes and illustrated with artworks, photographs and other archival material, the testimonies of these artists offer the reader a dynamic, candid and historically rich memoir of 1960s and 1970s New York. Artists include: Carmen Beuchat, Luis Camnitzer, José Guillermo Castillo, Enrique Castro-Cid, Eduardo Costa, Antonio Dias, Juan Downey, Anna Bella Geiger, Rubens Gerchman, Leandro Katz, Anna Maria Maiolino, Marta Minujín, Raphael Montañez Ortiz, Marcelo Montealegre, Abdias do Nascimento, Hélio Oiticica, Lydia Okumura, Sylvia Palacios Whitman, Rolando Peña, Liliana Porter, Alejandro Puente, Raquel Rabinovich, Miguel Rio Branco, Freddy Rodríguez, José Rodriguez-Soltero, Osvaldo Romberg, Zilia Sánchez, Juan Trepadori, Andreas Valentim and Regina Vater. Institutional and collective initiatives include: Brigada Ramona Parra, Cha/Cha/Cha, CHARAS, Contrabienal, El Museo del Barrio, Latin American Fair of Opinion, New York Graphic Workshop, Young Filmmakers Foundation, Taller Boricua and the Young Lords.

Subject Headings: Latin American Art ; Western Art -- Post-1945 ; Post-1970 -- Several Fine Arts Media (Western) --

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