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Giovanni Boldini: Lo sguardo nell’anima

Giovanni Boldini: Lo sguardo nell’anima

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Giovanni Boldini: Lo sguardo nell’anima
(Giovanni Boldini: The Gaze into the Soul)

W035192 | $65.00
Exhibition Catalog

Palazzo Albergati, Bologna, 2021. Organized in association with Arthemisia, Milan. Published by Skira Editore, Milan.

208 pp. well illustrated (all col.). 29 x 25 cm. In Italian. Paperbound.

ISBN 9788857246703

Born on December 31, 1842 in Ferrara to Benvenuta Caleffi and the painter Antonio Boldini, with eleven brothers, between males and females, Giovanni Boldini grew up in a cultured family, and began drawing and painting from an early age. His father, having no particular economic problems thanks to some conspicuous inheritances, let him follow his artistic path ... Boldini arrived in Paris in 1871 in a climate of creative energy and optimistic confidence that revolutionized European history between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Celebrated as a star thanks to an unmistakable brushstroke that expresses beauty and joie de vivre, Boldini invented wonderful portraits of the most fashionable personalities of the time and transforms women into "divine", sublime and elegant creatures, aware of their charm, which nourish for a long time the artistic imagination to the point of having a profound impact on the twentieth-century avant-gardes as well. His aristocratic ways, the vocation for worldliness, the very high number of gallant liaisons and the frequentation of the best bourgeois circles make him a magnetic and attractive personality, of great modernity and brilliant talent.

Subject Headings: Eastern and Western European Art ; Western Art -- Italy -- 1800-1900 ; 1900-1945 -- Painting --

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