Chaissac & CoBrA: Sous le signe du serpent

Chaissac & CoBrA: Sous le signe du serpent

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Chaissac & CoBrA: Sous le signe du serpent
(Chaissac and CoBrA: Under the Sign of the Snake)

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Benoit Decron. Musee Soulages, Rodez, 2021. Organized in association with Kunstmuseum Den Haag, The Hague. Published in association with Editions Gallimard, Paris.

208 pp. Well illustrated (chiefly col.). 29 x 23 cm. In French. Hardcover.

ISBN 9782072958687

In 1961 Gaston Chaissac (1910-1964) exhibited work at Iris Clert’s renowned Paris gallery. It was enthusiastically received by all. The CoBrA artists (no longer a group by then) were the most excited by the works on show, and indeed they fought over them. The entire exhibition sold out in no time. Unfortunately, Chaissac was unable to attend for health reasons, and he would never meet his admirers in person. But they had inspired each other for years by then, as presented in the exhibition and accompanying publication. Self-taught artist Gaston Chaissac lived a reclusive life far from the cultural metropolis of Paris. Yet his expressive drawings, paintings and sculptures, with their vibrant colors and black contours, did not go unnoticed. Though he never joined any art movement, the similarity between his work and that of the CoBrA artists is obvious. This movement grew out of the post-war zeitgeist, as artists broke with older tradition in pursuit of a new modern art for all, in which spontaneity, authenticity and honesty were paramount. A shared interest in naïve art and folk art, and the use of motifs like snakes and totems, made them kindred spirits. They painted everything they could get their hands on. Chaissac's work helped fulfill the huge desire in the art world and among the public for unspoiled forms of expression after the Second World War.

Subject Headings: Eastern and Western European Art ; Western Art -- France -- Post-1945 -- Drawings and Watercolors ; Painting -- Outsider Art --

Artist(s): Chaissac, Gaston

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