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Ed. by Anna Schmid et al. Museum der Kulturen Basel, Antikenmuseum Basel and Sammlung Ludwig, Historisches Museum, and Pharmazienmuseum der Universitat Basel, 2021. Published by Hatje Cantz Verlag, Berlin.

188 pp. Moderately illustrated (all col.). 27 x 20 cm. In English. Paperbound.

ISBN 9783775751230

Four cultural history museums in Basel joined forces for this ambitious project on the relationship between humans and animals. In the summer of 2021, they realized four individual exhibitions, each with a different focus. Shows at Antikenmuseum Basel and Sammlung Ludwig (Animalistic! Animals and Hybrid Creatures in Antiquity); the Historisches Museum Basel (Animalistic! The Sound of Animals); the Museum der Kulturen Basel (Animalistic! No Culture without Animals); and the Pharmacy Museum of the University of Basel (Animalistic! From Animals to Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) address the topic from different angles against the backdrop of their respective research focus. The results of the individual projects become visible in this joint publication. It reveals ambivalences, dependencies, and serious historical shifts within the human-animal relationship over the centuries – from the harnessing of animals to their exaltation as deities.

Subject Headings: International ; Non-Western Art ; Non-Western, Several Regions ; Western Art -- Surveys of Several Periods -- Sculpture ; Several Fine Arts Media (Western) --

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