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La moda italiana nel XV secolo: Abbigliamento e accessori

La moda italiana nel XV secolo: Abbigliamento e accessori

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La moda italiana nel XV secolo: Abbigliamento e accessori
[Italian Fashion in the 15th Century: Clothing and Accessories]

W036466 | $29.95

Paola Fabbri. Bookstones, Rimini, 2017. Living History.

152 pp. ills. 21 x 15 cm. In Italian. Paperbound.

ISBN 9788898275663

"Whoever sees only fashion in fashion is a fool", declared Honor� de Balzac in the 'Treatise on elegant life'. Fashion means a way of posing, of dressing up. This term usually refers to the noble class but the trends in costume, albeit late and modified, in fact also involve the lower classes. The fifteenth century was an era of changes and innovations, so much so as to decree for some the passage from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age. In the first decades of this socio-cultural climate, fashion still suffers from the typically Gothic fourteenth-century vertical linearism while, progressing towards the sixteenth century, clothing takes on a renewed connotation. This research examines the Italian costume in the 15th century, analyzing women's, men's, and children's clothing, accessories, fabrics, and colors through the study of original finds, documents, sumptuary laws and iconographic sources. The author thus attempts to highlight the sartorial structure of the main garments in use in the various social classes, also proposing reconstructions of her own creation, revealing the value and meaning that at the time was attributed to appearing.

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