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Yinggelishi: Jonathan Stalling’s Interlanguage Art

Yinggelishi: Jonathan Stalling’s Interlanguage Art

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Yinggelishi: Jonathan Stalling’s Interlanguage Art

W037058 | $45.00

Edited by Chen Wang. Unicorn, Unicorn Publishing Group, London, 2022.

216 pp. illustrated in color throughout. In English. Paperbound.

ISBN 9789887470755

Jonathan Stalling’s experimental approach bridging art, poetics, and linguistics imagines a world where individual value systems are no longer translated into the language of other mediums, but foster conscious “interlanguages,” spaces where one learns a new language without having left one’s home fully behind. Stalling’s conceptual language art fuses classical Chinese poetics and linguistics with modern algorithms to create art installations and poetry that transform Chinese and English in new and surprising ways. With a visual gallery of Stalling’s work, interview with the artist, critical introduction by the editor, and critical chapters written by comparative literature scholar Timothy Billings and Chinese linguist Liu Nian, the volume provides readers with a signi_x001F_cant introduction to a wide range of Stalling’s interlanguage work spanning the past two decades.

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