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Everything Must Go!

Everything Must Go!

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Everything Must Go!

W037194 | $15.00 / 10% library disc.

Jason Fulford. Image Text Ithaca Press, 2022.

88 pp. Well Illustrated (all B&W). 23 x 15 cm. In English. Paperback.

ISBN 9781733497138

Taking inspiration from vintage catalogs and classified ads, Everything Must Go! acts as a playful memento mori that compiles writing, photography and illustration in a variety of formats and genres, to celebrate and parody the graphic design and language of freebies, special offers and advertisements. “Are you tired of being burdened by images?” reads one caption. “Cut out this picture and dip it in honey,” proposes another.Dovetailing word and image in a superbly designed mock-magazine layout, this artist’s book originated as a collaboration between photographer and bookmaker Jason Fulford and nine artists at the acclaimed experimental Image Text Ithaca MFA Program.Featuring a letterpress-printed cover in day-glo orange ink, the publication invites viewers to interact with works by Karine Baptiste, Caiti Borruso, Eleanor Eichenbaum, Cable Hoover, Marissa Iamartino, Will Matsuda, Erika Morillo, Michael Popp and Irit Reinheimer. Take what you wish, but Everything Must Go!.

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