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Helga Paris: Women at Work

Helga Paris: Women at Work

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Helga Paris: Women at Work

W037214 | $49.95 / 10% library disc.

Weiss Berlin, 2022.

120 pp. Well Illustrated (all B&W). 27 x 21 cm. In English. Clothbound.

ISBN 9783948318147

In 1984, the German photographer Helga Paris (born 1938) spent several weeks at a state-owned clothing factory, during which time she shot more than 1,500 photographs. From these she selected the 49 powerful images that make up the series Women at the Clothing Factory VEB Treff-Modelle Berlin. These photographs capture her subjects engaged in their work or taking cigarette breaks, conveying the serenity and beauty of the sitters in their brief moments of tranquility amid the factory environment. Helga Paris: Women at Work collects the entire series and gathers it in a format that is affordable to a wider audience. This beautifully designed volume features a linen-bound printed cover with embossed text.

Subject Headings: Eastern and Western European Art ; Western Art -- Germany -- Post-1945 ; Post-1970 -- Photography -- Women Artists --

Artist(s): Paris, Helga

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