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Marina Perez Simão

Marina Perez Simão

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Marina Perez Simão

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Circle Books/MENDES WOOD DM, 2022.

140 pp. 10 x 8.75 cm. In English. Clothbound.

ISBN 9780578997568

The first monograph on Sa~o Paulo–based painter Marina Perez Sima~o (born 1981), this stunning clothbound volume guides the reader through her riotously colorful visual journeys as she blends abstraction and figuration in depictions of abstract landscapes, visions and memories. Here, alongside a wealth of color plates, writers Diana Campbell and Osman Can Yerebakan highlight the various references in Sima~o’s painting, drawn from fields such as journalism, literature and philosophy, which help build the narratives that serve as the basis for her art.Sima~o’s critically acclaimed recent exhibition at Pace Gallery in New York featured a series of paintings created during the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic, propelling her to further acclaim in the US. This volume cements her reputation as a rising star of contemporary painting.

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