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Discipline and Senses: Hans Georg Berger--Photographs, 1972-2020

Discipline and Senses: Hans Georg Berger--Photographs, 1972-2020

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Discipline and Senses: Hans Georg Berger--Photographs, 1972-2020

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Exhibition Catalog

Francesco Paolo Campione. Museo delle Culture, Lugano, 2021.

400 pp. 215 b/w ills. 28 x 24 cm. In English. Hardcover.

ISBN 9788857246642

Discipline and Senses is the title of the first major retrospective dedicated to the German artist Hans Georg Berger, whose photography has always explored both intimate and cultural identities. The title unites in a single discourse the profound intellectual experiences and research conducted over a period of almost fifty years, from the 1970s to the present. The fil rouge of the project has slowly emerged through a long dialogue with the artist. As the curator Francesco Paolo Campione states, "Hans Georg Berger has deliberately chosen photography as an existential remedy, as a solid instrument to give form to his own identity and to his universe of senses and dreams; it is something that alleviates, through art, the suffering generated by a hostile social context". His incessant research has allowed Berger to involve the richness of his own inner world. His exploration has thus progressively widened from the intimacy of his relationship with the French writer Herve Guibert (1955-1991), to the social dimension of the inhabitants of Rio nell'Elba, and finally, after a long journey across Asia, to the representation of Theravada Buddhism and Shiite Islam. Both the journey and the destination are marked by the exercise of a strict intellectual discipline that, firstly applied to his own life, has become a language capable of capturing the essential features of his reality. Berger's approach is based on the ethical, and not only aesthetic, centrality of the photographed object. An extraordinary journey, probably unique, within the field of contemporary photography.

Subject Headings: Eastern and Western European Art ; Western Art -- Germany -- Post-1945 ; Post-1970 -- Photography --

Artist(s): Berger, Hans Georg

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