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Mathieu Pernot: La ruine de sa demeure

Mathieu Pernot: La ruine de sa demeure

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Mathieu Pernot: La ruine de sa demeure

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Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson, Paris, 2022. Published by Atelier EXB/Editions Xavier Barral, Paris.

216 pp. ills. 25 x 30 cm. In French.

ISBN 9782365113229

Mathieu Pernot, winner of the 2019 HCB Award, is presenting La ruine de sa demeure at the Fondation HCB, a photographic journey through Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. The point of departure is a travel album by the artist’s grandfather, made in 1926, which delineates an itinerary from Beirut to Mosul, between the ruins of thousand-year-old civilizations in the Middle East and those of tragedies from recent history. With a near-documentary approach, Pernot offers a dialectical work interested in juxtaposing great historical narratives with those of his family’s history. Despite many obstacles related to the pandemic and difficult access to certain conflict zones, Pernot succeeded in extending the bounds of his grandfather’s travels by forging his own path to Aleppo and Mosul, in what the artist called “a journey into the ruins of history”. The exhibition La ruine de sa demeure presents around sixty prints by Mathieu Pernot, his grandfather’s photo album, photographs from his family archives, as well as photos found in the destroyed houses of Mosul.

Artist(s): Pernot, Mathieu

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