Dessins orientalistes du musee Conde

Dessins orientalistes du musee Conde

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Dessins orientalistes du musee Conde
(Oriental Drawings from the Musee Conde)

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Musee Conde, Domaine de Chantilly, 2022. Published by Editions Faton, Dijon. Carnets de Chantilly, 14.

96 pp. ills. 22 x 22 cm. In French. Hardcover.

ISBN 9782878443172

Orientalism began in France in 1832 with Delacroix's trip to Morocco, of which Chantilly retains one of the famous albums. Born with romanticism, this current brings together artists as different as Eugène Delacroix, Prosper Marilhat or Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps. It marks the interest of the 19thcentury for the cultures of North Africa and regions dominated by the Ottoman Empire (Turkey, Arab countries). Son of King Louis-Philippe, the Duke of Aumale, who participated in the colonization of Algeria from 1840 to 1848 and was its Governor General in 1848, collected graphic masterpieces from the beginnings of Orientalism (1830-1870).

Subject Headings: Eastern and Western European Art ; Western Art -- France -- 1900-1945 -- Drawings and Watercolors --

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