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East Meets West: The Crusades and the Age of Decolonisation

East Meets West: The Crusades and the Age of Decolonisation

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East Meets West: The Crusades and the Age of Decolonisation

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Macquarie University History Museum, Sydney, 2021. Published in associatin with D. Giles Limited, London.

72 pp. 46 col. ills. 18 x 18 cm. In English. Paperbound.

ISBN 9781913875022

This entirely new volume illuminates the complex intersection of western and eastern culture and civilization in the Eastern Mediterranean during the period of the Crusades from the eleventh to late thirteenth century; in particular it presents and studies 20 Byzantine and Mamluk Egyptian artworks and illuminated manuscripts drawn both from the collections of the Museum and external loans. The diverse artworks; ceramic bowls, Sgraffito ware, gold coins, glass jewellery and leafs from the Qu'ran, and other illuminated manuscripts are presented in broad chronological and thematic sections, each with an introductory text by a Professor Martin Bommas of the Museum, and other guest authors. These sections look at these objects within the broad context of the Crusades and the history of the Byzantine Empire and Mamluk Egypt, as well as considering reception to, and presentation of, Mamluk heritage in modern-day Cairo, and the reception of object of non-European heritage in Australia. In addition to the main sections and presentation of the objects, many also illustrated using wonderful color details for the section openers, the volume will include a timeline, selected bibliography and brief biographies of the contributing authors.

Subject Headings: Byzantine Art ; Western Art -- 300 A.D.-1400 -- Several Fine Arts Media (Western) --

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