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Rainer-Vedova: Ora

Rainer-Vedova: Ora

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Rainer-Vedova: Ora

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Magazzino del Sale (Zaterre), Venice, 2022. Published by Marsilio Editore, Venice. Distributed in the U.S.A. by Artbook|D.A.P., New York.
200 pp. 200 col. ills. 30 x 25 cm. Bilingual in English and Italian. Hardcover

ISBN 9791254630426

Lines, signs, colors: the friendship and union of two great artists in a unique and unmissable path. The catalog accompanies the exhibition of the same name "Rainer - Vedova: Ora.", Organized by the Emilio and Annabianca Vedova Foundation, which will open to the public at the Zattere in Venice, in the two exhibition venues of the Magazzino del Sale and Space Vedova. The catalog of the exhibition "Rainer - Vedova: Ora." presents a selection of works by two leading artists of post-war European artistic research. Rainer and Vedova, linked by a beautiful and long friendship, shared a similar vision of art and its value, lived and expressed in a responsible relationship with our world. Their history, which traced a strong and authentic thought in post-war artistic research, testifies to an attentive and sensitive humanity that expresses, through their works, the fragility of our existence and its beauty as an entity aware of its own imperfection. Vedova belongs to a generation of artists who have inevitably been defined by the unprecedented demonstration of both the potential for evil and bloodshed in World War II, and the risks of passivity in the face of totalitarianism. For Arnulf Rainer, a self-taught painter mainly influenced by Surrealism and American Abstract Expressionism, the focal point of artistic research is the cross, for him the abbreviation of the human face: "Put yourself in front of the mirror, observe your face, you will see that inside a cross is drawn there, everywhere. " The catalog opens with the text by Helmut Friedel, which focuses on the analysis of Arnulf Rainer's work, and continues with the essays by Fabrizio Gazzarri and Philip Rylands, dedicated to Emilio Vedova. In addition to the photos of the works on display, the volume also proposes the dialogue between Rainer and the Swiss artist, curator and writer Johannes Gachnang of 1984 and 1990. In closing, the comparative biographies of the authors extensively investigate their life and their artistic experience, providing an exhaustive view of their contamination.

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