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Marronnage, l'art de briser les chaines

Marronnage, l'art de briser les chaines

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Marronnage, l'art de briser les chaines
(Marronnage: The Art of Breaking the Chains)

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Exhibition Catalog

Maison de l'Amerique Latine, Paris, 2021. Published by Editions Loco, Paris.

236 pp. Well illustrated (chiefly col.). 24 x 17 cm. In French. Paperbound.

ISBN 9782843140242

The exhibition highlights the history and visually artistic productions of people of African descent who were forcibly transported to South America and who structured themselves into societies that emerged from the flight and from the refusal of slavery. In Suriname and French Guiana, where the forest protected them, these societies (the Saamaka, Dyuka, Paamaka, Boni-Aluku, Matawai and Kwinti) first had to defend their freedom, then build, develop, and once peace was restored express their sense of beauty, of grace: moy. The exhibition explores and contextualizes the continuity and artistic creativity expressed by these people by presenting objects produced in the first half of the 20th century, which have become museum collections. The art discussed in this exhibition is an art of emancipation but also a social art that celebrates encounters and that speaks of love. To understand these people, born of the refusal of the fate that had been reserved for them, we will give the floor to witnesses, those of the time of slavery and those of today. In this way, we will discover an original culture, born of war and which rejects all forms of oppression. The exhibition therefore presents the public with works that are rarely exhibited.

Subject Headings: African Art ; Non-Western Art ; Non-Western, Several Regions -- 1900-1945 --

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