The program encompasses books (as opposed to exhibition catalogues or collection catalogues) relevant to the study of art, architecture, photography and design that are published or distributed by any of the scores of American trade and university presses whose art titles we cover comprehensively. Included in the program are English-language titles from certain foreign publishers that have arranged for their titles to have commercial distribution in North America. Subscribers may limit coverage to specific topics or publishers, and may arrange special coverage of publications from presses not included in our standard program.

List of Covered Presses

Coverage and Selection Policies

Forthcoming titles from the publishers on our list are rigorously monitored, and all titles of potential relevance to academic art library collections are acquired for evaluation immediately upon release. Each year we select more than 4,000 new titles for inclusion in this program, including some 1,000 art books from North American university presses. Interdisciplinary volumes, series titles, reprints, translations and other potentially problematic acquisitions are supplied on approval in accordance with guidelines established by each subscriber.

The program is designed to complement our Exhibition Catalogue Program. Indeed, most libraries that receive approval-plan coverage of American Trade and University Press Books through Worldwide also subscribe to one of our basic plans for museum and gallery publications, which supply titles that are of critical importance to most art libraries and that are sometimes difficult if not impossible to obtain through other library vendors.

Customized Plans

The program is designed to accommodate a broad range of collection needs and library resources. Titles assigned to a subscriber’s plan can be limited based on suitability for general, undergraduate or graduate readerships, and subscribers may designate varying levels of coverage to be provided in specific subject areas. Plans can also be designed to exclude titles from certain publishers or distributors, or to ensure comprehensive coverage of specific imprints or series. We can also make distinctions between material that may be more appropriate for libraries primarily supporting BA or MFA programs in studio art as opposed to libraries supporting BA, MA or PhD programs in art history.