Although Worldwide’s services are designed to primarily accommodate the needs of our library clients, we also welcome inquiries and orders from individuals, booksellers and other non-library customers interested in purchasing items from our on-hand inventory.

Please note that because our pricing structure and inventory levels are maintained for the benefit of the research libraries we serve, Worldwide reserves the right to limit quantities or to refuse orders from individuals, particularly for titles that are out of print, available in very limited quantities, only recently offered to our library clients, or difficult or impossible for us to restock. A core feature of our services to libraries is our ability to readily supply certain titles that are not widely available from other sources, which means that we may have to refuse, on a title-by-title basis, orders placed by individuals.

Moreover, daily changes in our holdings make it impossible for us to guarantee that every title listed as available on our website is currently in stock. In many cases, on-hand quantities are extremely limited, and various titles sell out on a daily basis without their stock status being immediately updated on our website, especially titles that we have not confirmed to be out of print and that we assume could be restocked if needed to fill orders from our library clients.

Worldwide has a well-deserved reputation among academic libraries as a source for hard-to-find exhibition catalogues, and we work diligently to offer a wide range of important and difficult-to-obtain publications at reasonable prices. Booksellers should understand that Worldwide is not a publisher, nor do we serve as the exclusive wholesale distributor for any museum or publisher; booksellers interested in purchasing titles offered by Worldwide are advised to contact the publishers directly.

Nonetheless, we recognize that many of the titles offered by Worldwide may be difficult or impossible to acquire elsewhere, and we are happy to consider small-quantity orders from competing booksellers interested in purchasing for resale provided we have sufficient quantity on hand and as long as we do not anticipate needing all copies currently on hand to fill impending orders from our library clients.

Please note that Worldwide does not offer discounts to individuals or booksellers, and we cannot accept orders from individuals for titles that are out of print or out of stock (whether they are cited as such on our website or not). 

For orders received from customers located outside the U.S., Worldwide will respond promptly by email with a shipping-charge quote, and the customer will have the opportunity to confirm or cancel the order; foreign orders will not be shipped or charged to the customer’s credit card until the customer has had the opportunity to confirm the order and acknowledge that the quoted shipping charge is acceptable. Because Worldwide ships by trackable methods only, shipping to overseas addresses can be expensive. Orders from individuals located in New York, Indiana or Canada are subject to sales tax.


All books offered by Worldwide are “new” books (not used copies) that we purchased when the titles were in print, and although most are in excellent or like-new condition, older volumes may be slightly shelf worn, sun faded, or lightly soiled, particularly those that have been stored on our shelves for several decades. Unless specifically noted, Worldwide makes no guarantee as to the condition of titles offered through our website other than that the books have no significant damage or defect that would make them unacceptable for use by research libraries.

We are always happy to answer brief inquiries about the condition of specific titles, so that customers can decide if the condition is acceptable, but we cannot accept returns because of minor cosmetic defects. Collectors requiring pristine volumes may understandably prefer to look for copies that they can carefully inspect in person before purchasing.