Subscription Period

The standard subscription period is July 1st to the following June 30th, but a subscriber may designate any starting and ending date. No formal contract is required and plans may be altered or canceled at any time.

Returns Policy

Although we make every effort to develop profiles that accurately reflect the collection needs of our subscribers so that the need for returns is minimized, all subscribers are granted unrestricted return privileges within 90 days of invoicing. Any title we supply on approval may be returned for any reason without prior permission.

Shipping Schedule

Shipments are made via UPS one or more times each month depending on the volume of material being supplied under the plan; customers with very large plans may receive shipments as frequently as once a week if appropriate. (Special shipments of urgently needed titles can also be easily arranged.)


Invoices are issued at the time of shipment, with payment due within 60 days. In accordance with the instructions issued by subscribers, invoices either accompany the shipment itself or are sent separately. Approval-plan expenditures are monitored monthly; shipments are of comparable size throughout the year, and our estimate of the annual cost of an approval plan is not exceeded without the authorization of the subscriber.


Worldwide Books offers libraries standard discounts on most American trade and university press titles that we stock. Trade publications typically receive a 20% discount; university-press and most small-press titles typically receive a 10% discount. These discounts apply to all library orders, whether the titles are supplied as part of an approval plan or are supplied in fulfillment of firm orders. See also our List of Covered Presses.

Bibliographic Information

Our monthly list of new titles is available in electronic format through an automatic e-mail notification. Libraries requiring bibliographic data slips can arrange for slips to be included with their approval-plan shipments. Titles not automatically supplied under a subscriber's plan may be ordered selectively from our stock, or informally added to plan shipments as requested. We welcome inquiries concerning new and forthcoming titles, and orders may be submitted without reference to our listings.